Magi Myggen

Magi Myggen, self-described as a ‘transformational interior designer’, was voted Best of Santa Barbara for 7 years running by the Santa Barbara Independent Readers’ Poll. Specializing in the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui among other modalities, she has  a masterful talent for creating beautiful, functional environments that truly support the human experience.

“The spaces we inhabit actually shape and reflect the quality of our lives.
My work encourages people to claim their passions and purpose in life – and then to create environments that match.”
Coming from a diverse Arts background, Magi trained extensively in the practice of Feng Shui as a fundamental design tool. Her primary teacher was noted author Terah Collins, who founded The Western School of Feng Shui in San Diego, California. After graduating as a Feng Shui practitioner in 1997 Magi took on a broad range of design projects, developing her skills for traditional interior design on the job. Today she is known for her ability to quickly zero-in on design solutions that will greatly enhance the look and feel of any living space, while working within cost parameters.
Simply put, Magi is dedicated to helping people to live ‘their best life’- in homes and business places designed to empower the process. Once a client’s core issues and intentions have been identified, Magi goes to work creatively and intuitively to produce interior design results of rare beauty and grace. Her eye is impeccable, her aim is your truth. ‘Interior design from the inside-out.’ …the perfect formula to meet a changing world.